Little Things My Parents Did Right

As I grow older I realize that there were many little things that my parents did right. At the time they made no sense and were unfair. Now it all makes sense. When we went shopping for my first bicycle I wanted a Power Wheel. They put their foot down because:

  1. We weren’t rich.
  2. I would get more exercise with a bicycle.
  3. I wanted to get the Power Wheels Ford Pinto, the car that would burst into an inferno with the slightest bump on the rear.

In retrospect it was the right choice. Thanks Mom and Dad.

One comment

  1. Awww but you missed out on the power wheels experience! Obviously the pinto power wheel wasn’t the experience you wanted but the next time you’re in a toy store, hop in a power wheels jeep and go for a spin when no one’s looking- too much fun I tell you! 😉

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