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“Anatomical dissection gives the human mind an opportunity to compare the dead with the living, things severed with things intact, things destroyed with things evolving, and opens up the profoundness of nature to us more than any other endeavor or consideration.”

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832)

This last weekend I went to go see Bodyworlds at the Milwaukee Public Museum. It was certainly worth the approximate $20 cost for admission. In the late 1970’s Herr Doktor Gunther von Hagens patented his technique for polymer impregnation of biological tissue and revolutionized medical specimens. Doktor von Hagens shatters the stigmata of dead bodies with his tasteful pieces. The donated bodies are perfectly preserved in lifelike poses for inspection by museum goers. The goal of the exhibit is not to create a circus side-show, but rather demonstrate to the public the intricate complexities of the human body, the history of anatomy, and its integration into modern medical science. Do yourself a favor and catch this exhibit.

Charts and Graphs

In the January 22, 2008 issue of The Advance Titan, Oshkosh’s college newsrag, the “Busted!” section reported a dearth of alcohol related incidents. I have compiled a handy chart to help you digest the stats. Bear in mind that the BAC statistics are merely the ones that were reported and that there are more with alcohol involvement who received citations. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Oshkosh BAC Levels

Abandoned Along H41

Proof that God has a sense of humor exists. In the Creation Story of Genesis we find that the Almighty separated light from dark, the water from the land, and populated it with flora and fauna. To rule over all His creation the Almighty creates man. Despite the illustrious position, man is ill-qualified to dominate the forces of Nature. He is powerless to prevent the sun from rising, the oceans reclaiming land, or predators preying on the weak. This is the first joke God played.

Abandoned But Not Forgotten

About five miles north of Kaukauna, Wisconsin there is an abandoned lot along Highway 41. The solitary structure has vehicles parked in its driveway, which led me to believe that despite its decrepit state was occupied. Upon closer inspection I was delighted to discover that it was only a squatter’s domain. The lot was also surrounded by a communal dump. With no rhyme or reason cars, busses, trailers, and other large refuse littered the landscape. The beauty in decay is not difficult to find or appreciate. Despite man’s machination Nature continues to eat away at steel and rob well-engineered structures of their integrity. There-in lies God’s great joke. Slowly and surely the eternal forces of creation continue despite mankind’s oversight. I have posted just over 100 photos of the property in an album on Flickr.

That was deep.

Confession Time

Right now there is a trade show going on called CES 2008 where electronics manufacturers show off all of there latest wares. Coverage has been blanketing the interblogs and telescreens with the latest and greatest in tech geekery. The tech blog Gizmodo has recently come clean about a prank they’ve pulled at the show. Demonstrators show-wide could not figure out why their screens where just randomly turning off. Wall after wall of tv-aided sales pitches suddenly went dark. You can’t help but giggle. The editors for the blog were using a product called TV-B-Gone. I too may have used this product in the past. Mwahahaha….