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I saw X-Men : The Last Stand on opening day, but have been pokey with my response. It is by no means an intellectual movie. It does however capture the spirit of the comic books in that it is mostly unadultured action, has compelling plot twists, and so-bad-they’re-good one liners. If you examine the themes of the story (i.e. Magneto’s utilization of NSDAP rhetoric, Xavier’s ethical dilemma when creating the Pheonix, Beast’s insistance of using diplomacy to stand against will of the President, et al) you will appreciate the character’s interactions even more. It pays to pay attention in school. This movie brought me back to a childlike Saturday morning cartoon state as I caught myself almost yelling at the screen.

If for some reason you did not stay past the credit roll. You missed out on a little tidbit that will sweeten the movie just a little. If you have already seen the movie and don’t feel like shelling out $8 again, just follow this link.

Just for fun, if you remember the early 90’s Fox X-Men cartoon, here is the intro.

Today is Towel Day

In remembrance of Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, today is Towel Day. It dawned on me as I was humming the song sung by the most advanced lifeform on Earth, dolphins, that their song could be considered a social commentary on the college dating scene. “So long and thanks for all the fish…”

Fun Fact: The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a trilogy consisting of five books.


As you can see I’ve begun to hack away at the CSS default theme for WordPress. Things may be a little off as I tweak the files to my liking. I will be installing a mirror server from my Mac for testing, however it is easier for me to see how things look once they get onto the actual webserver. Things I know that have to be adjusted yet are;

  1. A clickable link to the main page from subpages.
  2. Development of some sort of unique theme.
  3. Removal of those damn >> bullets. I hate those.
  4. Tweaking of the entry/comments/search formatting.
  5. Elimination of the above and below margins.

This is going to take a long time. I don’t know that much about CSS and PHP. However, I believe it is necessary to move my website over to a more dynamic system. With the demands of obtaining an education degree always on the rise I find little time to sit down and actually do much with my website. With WordPress I’ll be able to create entries whenever I have a few minutes regardless of where I am. This leads to my next point, I’ll be studying abroad in Deutschland next year and won’t have access to my iMac.

At first I was very much against converting my website to a blog system. But in the past two years the web has evolved, blogging packages improved exponentially, and installations become more flexible. I tried ecto, iWeb, and other packages and found them lacking. So expect nothing but good things. Hopefully I will be able to attract more visitors too. My statistics for this site show that incoming traffic now is 90% lower than what it was last September. I’ve gone from thousands of pageviews down to hundreds.

Fear is the Mind Killer

Sega’s Rez is one of my desert island games. I’ve raved about it before several times. It combines the gameplay mechanics of Panzer Dragoon Zwei with music to produce a euphoric synaesthetic experience. The game only has five levels but I find myself coming back at least once a month to play. The last level is especially intense. It is almost unbelievable that someone was able to actually shoot down 100% of the enemies.