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Ken’s Mactorium

Since I no longer am committed to slave like working conditions for the university I have found myself with ample amount of free time in which to engage in free enterprise. I used to buy and sell Apple iBooks three years ago but found little time to conduct business. With $250 in venture capital that I have set aside I am going to begin doing something I really enjoy instead of working a job. I am going to begin buying, repairing, and reselling G3/G4 iMacs and Powermacs. I’ve already snagged some inventory.

I choose Macs because even the eight year old G3 iMac I have runs OS X smoothly and acts as a media server. Hell, the 1989 Macintosh SE/30 I own still runs perfectly. The aftermarket value on Macs are higher than PCs with comparable specs. They still can be repurposed. So, Ken’s Mactorium, is open for business.

Free Flickr Pro

A while back experienced some downtime and hosted a coloring contest. There were so many good entries that the flickr team sent out the following e-mail.

We’re absolutely stunned at the number of submissions to our
impromptu colouring contest last week:

With 1,100+ entries to date, we’ve decided to spread the
love a little further than a single winner. (How could we
select only one?)

Because you rock, we’re gifting you three months of Flickr
pro as a thank you for your outstanding creativity during
last week’s downtime.

The Flickreenos

All right! 3 free months of flickr pro! My gallery can be viewed by clicking here.

Your Link Here

This is a call to all of you who read this website and have one of your own. I am willing to offer you a free link button here on this site. If you go to this link and produce a button I will place it in my sidebar. In return I will only ask that a link be placed on your page pointing to mine. I will not ask for a button as it may clash with your design scheme, though one would be preferred. Contact me via AIM screen name.: kenfagerdotcom

Flickr is Down

Flickr is down

I went to Flickr to upload some photos and all I got was a picture of two circles and a message stating that the internet tubes were clogged. Flickr staff encouraged its users to print the circles and make something during the downtime for a chance to win a free pro account. Here are my entries. The first is Red Robot from Diesel Sweeties. My second Pie Chart entry is linked here.

Apple Airport + NintendoDS

It is about time. Mac users typically get left in the dust when it comes to mainstream applications and accessories. For the NintendoDS and online play it is no different. They released a Windows only USB dongle that you can use to tap into your ethernet connection if you don’t have a router for WiFi play. Mac support was officially MIA until now. The great thing about Macs is that if there isn’t an immediate solution, there is always a way. With a little Terminal and an Airport Card, you too can get your ass kicked by 5 year olds with nearly 1000 wins on Mario-Kart DS. I swear to God those little @)#%??*@ have those tracks down to a science.

Things Going On

I am really digging my new digital camera. As mentioned earlier I started a flickr account to manage my photos. Click here to view.

The heat here in Oshkosh, as well as the entire US, has been almost unmanageable. Doing manual labor in a dormitory with no air conditioning has me drenched in a short amount of time. So I took all my hair off. I am now sporting a more streamlined visage.

I am not to thrilled that I have to move my stuff to Greunhagen for two weeks. Die Frauen, da? Greunhagen regeln, sind verruckten alten Schlachteln. Sie haben keine Ahnung, was hinter ihrem R?cken geht. Ihren Arbeitnehmer ha?en sie sehr viel. Ich auch. Ich auch.

New Digital Camera and Flickr Account

via flickr

The photo media for this page should increase dramatically since I purchased a new camera off of eBay. I bought the sleek Sony Cybershot DSC-L1. It is an older Cybershot that I fell in love with for its extremely compact size and great performance. My friend Lacey purchased one when they came out over a year ago and I’ve been pining for one. I told myself I wouldn’t purchase another Cybershot due to my horrible experiences with the DSC-P20. I’m a liar and a hypocrite. I have also set up a flickr account to share my photos. More good things coming soon.

Dreamcast Lives

By far the most powerful underrated videogame console I ever purchased was the Dreamcast. I bought mine the very first day it was available, 9/9/99, and it blew the N64 and PlayStation out of the water in terms of raw power. Unfortunately, Sega’s fortunes headed south two years after launch and the strength of the system began to wane. I packed it up in 2003 and let it sit in my closet.

…but it continues to live. I have officially wasted 25 blank CD-Rs trying to burn Dreamcast homebrew ISOs with my Mac. It took 3 days of manually learning UNIX to realize that I was working with an outdated binary that wouldn’t burn what I needed. But I got it to work. My Dreamcast is now a Homebrew powerhouse. Atari, NES, SNES, Genesis, and more now live on in one little white box. Perhaps I’ll post a guide for other Mac users who find the information on the DC homebrew scene lackluster. Thank you Sega for not cracking down on homebrew. I wish I could say the same for my Sony PSP. I don’t see myself picking up that thing for a long time… or even after I stuff it in the closet.