Monthly Archives: August 2006

Die Freude von Valleyschwag Vier


Phil, Nick, and I were about to lounge back for a rousing couple of rounds of Mario Kart DS when all of a sudden a suprise temporarily interrupted the fun. My Valleyschwag Issue 4 arrived! This month’s schwag was wrapped in a red cloth. I received a t-shirt, a mobiTV lounge chair, PerplexCity cards, a magnet, and as always, a bunch of stickers. Take a closer look by clicking here.

Also, did you know that my toaster runs Ubuntu Linux?

No Escape… Starring Ray Liota

Pro.: I managed to find a job for the week prior to classes starting. I would have just sat around and done nothing anyways. They are paying me well to do practically nothing.
Con.: I semi-reprise my role as a Community Advisor (RA). I’m in charge of keeping Stewart Hall from becoming a smoldering pile of ashen rubble.

Guh… no matter how hard you try to get away… Residence Life manages to further ensnare you in their web. Well, in the interest of full disclosure, this is what they are really paying me to do. My G3 blue iMac is now a video server. Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Harvey Birdman, music videos, and other stuff will be available for your iTunes viewing pleasure. Converting right now: Aeon Flux.


Kenneth Langteau

The person I am named after, my grandfather, passed away Sunday night. He is survived by children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren beyond my capacity for remembering names.

Umstrittene Propaganda

Ich habe das st?rkste St?ck von nationalsozialistischer Propaganda auf DVD gefunden. Der Film der Leni Riefenstahl ?Triumph des Willens? war f?r eine Zeit in Amerika ung?ltig zu anerkennen. Den Film ist doch ung?ltig in Deutschland. Ich bin der Meinung dass, wir den niedrigsten Punkt der Menschheit nie vergessen m?ssen. Dieser Film ist ein historischer Schatz f?r die Zukunft.

I found the strongest piece of Nazi Propoganda on DVD today. Leni RiefnstahlTriumph of the Will” was illegal to own for a time in America. It is still illegal to own in Germany. I’m of the opinion that we should never forget the lowest point in mankind’s history. This film is a historical treasure for the future.

Rise of the iPod Pheonix

A while back I managed to boot Linux on my trusty 4G iPod even though it was not officially supported. Big mistake. The kernel ended up bricking the thing. Well, Kaela just bought a new Macbook and Apple is offering a special rebate on iPods purchased in the order. She just recently bought a 4gb iPod nano and had no use for the promotion. After the rebate I’ll have new black 30gb video iPod for only $90. I’ve sold the bits and pieces of my old one on eBay. So the cost to me is next to nil.