Monthly Archives: November 2006

Let’s Dig for Treasure

On the way home from Thanksgiving Kaela spotted an abandoned property along WI 151. We decided to pull in to the cemetary adjacent to the abandoned farm and take a look around. Amazingly, the previous occupant of the house was a teacher at Green Bay West High School in 1965. I graduated from there in 2002! I took a good number of photos of the excursion. Take a look!

Random Thoughts

I am jonesing for a Nintendo Wii at the moment, but they are all sold out. It appears that whoever has been living in my room has been doing so in abject squalor for quite some time. There are two major projects I have to have done in the next 48 hours. The first is a presentation on German concentration camps and the other is an oral interpretation of Goethe’s classic Faust. My iBook is still suffering from video problems which I have not gotten around to fixing. The main theme from Dune is currently playing in iTunes. That is too bad because I was thinking about The Highlander. For Thankgiving I will be in Pardeeville, Wisconsin. Where is my acceptance letter from Philips-Universitaet Marburg, Deutschland? It has been almost eight weeks since I sent that application out. Maybe I should shave before going upstairs to watch [adult-swim] on Cartoon Network. Dethklok is by far my favorite show in that programming block. Now the Overture from Katamari Damacy is playing in iTunes. I’m getting hungry and there is a caramel Drumstick waiting for me. I spent way too much at Joe’s Sample House this weekend. God, I really want a Nintendo Wii…

Deutsches Linkfest

  1. Der Struwwelpeter ist ein Lieblingsbuch von mir.
  2. Ein trauriges Gedicht von Pastor Martin Niemoeller.
  3. Beruehmte Deutschen sind auf dieser Webseite gefunden.
  4. Was ist eine deutsche Ueberlebenbibel?
  5. Eine Go-Kartbahn in einem Aktenkoffer? Ganz lustig.
  6. Gottfried Helnwein ist ein Lieblingskuenstler von mir.
  7. Yvonne Catterfeld ist doch schoener als Britney Spears.
  8. Das boese Kind hasst das Computerspiel.

The Intricacies of English

Prefixes are additions to root words that change the meaning of the word. In English these prefixes are not uniform in their alteration of meaning. For example take the prefix “in-.” In- can have both positive and negative connotations. Add in- to the word “credible” and you have incredible, which carries a positive connotation. Add in- to the word “competent” and you have incompetent, which carries a negative connotation.

This is what I think of when I am bored.