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Die heilige Elisabeth

Today I made it a point to see Elisabethkirche and was not disappointed. It stands today as the oldest example of gothic church architecture. It is also the final resting place for former Reichspräsident Paul von Hindenburg. I must have come to the church just at the right time, because I was able to nab a magnificent photo of die heilige Maria mit Christus just as the sun was shining directly on the statue.

Festival Foods Exit Interview

Awhile back I received a letter here in Germany from my former employer Festival Foods. In order to “properly mail your W-2 and close your employment file” you have to send back the form included properly filled out. I highly suspect that it may be illegal to withhold a W-2, but I decided to fill out the form tonight anyway.

Nowhere on the form does it say that I have to use English. Hence for question two I answered.:

Q: While working at our stores, did you feel appreciated?

A: Ich war eine bedeutungslose Kogge in einer großen infernalischen Maschine. (I was a meaningless cog in a huge infernal machine.)

Apparently my supervisor thought that I was good enough to rehire. Perhaps this may come back to bite me. We shall see.

Bunch of Heathens

Last night was the first time I ever danced to Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero” at Reit’s in the Marburg Oberstadt. Unfortunately the music heathens I was with were not familiar with one of the best tracks on the Footloose soundtrack. Only my British confidant Jamie appreciated the event as much as I did. By the time we got home it was 4 in the morning and 5 by the time I finally got to bed. Thank God for the N8bus and Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund.

Random Thoughts

Today after class I decided to walk around Marburg. It felt like die heilige Elisabeth (St. Elizabeth) herself was calling me with her siren song towards her church. I really want to take photos of this magnificent church, which I see at least twice a day on my commute, but there is a reconstruction project finishing up in front of it. Along my wandering I found an abandoned building and some great street art I wish to photograph. I also had an “oh… yeah…” moment where suddenly the layout of the city seemed to make sense.

On Thursday my language course is taking a trip to Wartburgschloß (Wartburg Castle). I have a feeling that of my diverse demographic of friends I may be in the minority with understanding the religious and historical significane of this place. You do not attend a WELS Lutheran grade school and not pick up on the yearly indoctrination.

My search for a Fahrrad (bicycle) turned up nothing this last weekend as I refused to pay the average 500 Euro that most shops were asking. Luck would have it, however, that this Sunday is a Fahrradbörse (bicycle exchange). I will hopefully pick up a mode of transportation on the cheap.

Last night I decided to join my chums on a venture to the Kino (cinema) at the last minute. Cinemas in Germany are different from in the US as they are treated much like sporting events. You receive a designated seat based on the time you arrive or whether or not you reserved a ticket. I’m very thankful that I made the choice to go. Pan’s Labyrinth was a magnificent movie that I had heard nothing about. It was very brutal at times and sometimes the language hard to follow. But the fantasy was so ensnaring that it did not matter. Do yourself a favor and see this movie. Truth be told I shed a tear.

Operation Übertaco Update

Ü-tag + 18


All operatives now work for the front company, which will provide funding for our extended operations. Einhornjäger GmbH is a public service that does what its name says, hunt and kill the nefarious and magical unicorn. All employees are to henceforth be known as Meistereinhornjäger, or master unicorn hunters. Trust me on this one… I know what I am doing.

Into the Void


There comes a time in every man’s life where the fire dims to but glowing embers. Genesis 3:19 states “…from dust you are and unto dust you shall return.” It is my wish after I shed my mortal coil that my ashen remains be placed in the care of loving family members. In their undying love for me they will distribute my ashes in pepper shakers secretly placed in restaurants throughout the greater Green Bay area.

Austauschstudent bedeutet bezahlen

Just to give you a rundown of current costs of my study abroad. Bear in mind that the US dollar is trading at around .75 to 1 Euro. All prices listed are in Euros unless marked otherwise.

  • 170/month for rent
  • 170 Rent deposit
  • 60 Student visa application fee
  • 5 Photos for visa application
  • 100 Sprachkurs deposit fee (May be refunded, but we’ll see.)
  • 150 additional Sprachkurs fee (Might not have to pay if deposit is refunded.)
  • 10 U-Card
  • 10 Copycard
  • 180 Semester tuition (That is correct.)
  • 270 (US) Plane ticket
  • 210 (US) Insurance
  • 100 Frankfurt hostel stay for three nights
  • 30 (est) Transport around Frankfurt
  • 80 (est) Entertainment in Frankfurt
  • 30 RMV pass for March
  • 50 Student RMV pass for semester beginning in April
  • 25 Registration fee
  • 25 Trip fee for April
  • 14 Wrong ticket purchased to Marburg
  • 19 Right ticket purchased to Marburg
  • 100 Various living amenities
  • 35 Toiletries/houseware
  • 35 Cell-phone
  • 25 Calling plan
  • 40 Various mistakes made

This does not include daily costs for food, various minor school related purchases, and entertainment. Nor does it include items that I am certain to have forgotten. These past two weeks I have been bleeding money. Thankfully things have stabilised as I have figured out my surroundings a little better.

Ü-tag + 6

I was able to talk to my neighbor Stefan who runs the internet service for my floor. For only 7 Euro I get faster internet service than at Oshkosh. I’ve begun to upload photos on Flickr and will follow it with detailed accounts later. I just had to take some time to catch up with the rest of the world.

My address here is:

Ken Fager
Wehrda B
Ernst-Lemmer-Strasse 15
35041 Marburg, Zimmer-Nr. 01-16
Bis später dann, Tchüss!