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A trove of discount treasure!

Foto Zeitgeist

The first electronic toy computer I remember playing with was Playskool’s friendly Alphie II. I’ve always had a fascination with how electronic devices interface. This little robot may be where it all comes from.

The buttons along the bottom corresponded with an icon on the top of the various theme cards. Eventually I figured out that the cards were totally irrelevant. The bottom row of program buttons followed a predetermined question pattern. One could get the “right” answers by memorizing the pattern.

I regret not paying the $1 adoption fee for this benevolent robot at the thrift store.

Taco Zeitgeist: Important Update

Achtung! Achtung! Taco Zeitgeist fans! This is a special announcement.

Übertaco über alles!

I have just received confirmation that Taco Bell will be distributing free hard shell beef tacos during the MLB World Series. If any player steals a base then you are entitled to a free taco between the hours of 2 – 6pm on designated redemption days at participating locations. The details can be found at this Taco Bell website.

In order to obtain maximum free taco goodness I recommend using Google Maps to plot all Taco Bell locations in your area.

All Operation Übertaco Einsatzkommando are to report to base for additional briefing.

Fly Gratis

Kaela and I opted to be bumped from our 6:40 am flight out of Reagan Airport in Washington DC in exchange for free roundtrip tickets. So we’re sitting here for the next seven hours with time to kill and planning our next free trip. 

Random Thoughts

Today after class I decided to walk around Marburg. It felt like die heilige Elisabeth (St. Elizabeth) herself was calling me with her siren song towards her church. I really want to take photos of this magnificent church, which I see at least twice a day on my commute, but there is a reconstruction project finishing up in front of it. Along my wandering I found an abandoned building and some great street art I wish to photograph. I also had an “oh… yeah…” moment where suddenly the layout of the city seemed to make sense.

On Thursday my language course is taking a trip to Wartburgschloß (Wartburg Castle). I have a feeling that of my diverse demographic of friends I may be in the minority with understanding the religious and historical significane of this place. You do not attend a WELS Lutheran grade school and not pick up on the yearly indoctrination.

My search for a Fahrrad (bicycle) turned up nothing this last weekend as I refused to pay the average 500 Euro that most shops were asking. Luck would have it, however, that this Sunday is a Fahrradbörse (bicycle exchange). I will hopefully pick up a mode of transportation on the cheap.

Last night I decided to join my chums on a venture to the Kino (cinema) at the last minute. Cinemas in Germany are different from in the US as they are treated much like sporting events. You receive a designated seat based on the time you arrive or whether or not you reserved a ticket. I’m very thankful that I made the choice to go. Pan’s Labyrinth was a magnificent movie that I had heard nothing about. It was very brutal at times and sometimes the language hard to follow. But the fantasy was so ensnaring that it did not matter. Do yourself a favor and see this movie. Truth be told I shed a tear.