Monthly Archives: July 2008

Amerika ist Nummer Eins

If anyone tells you America is the greatest country on Earth, ask them if they have lived anywhere else for an extended period of time. The answer is almost categorically “no.” Questioning claims pertaining to national status is not unpatriotic as the Bush Administration has insisted. Instead it makes our nation stronger. Ask questions, no matter the risk, to come closer to truth.

Chilling Effects

The forcast calls for temperatures below absolute zero.

I have purchased a cell phone.

::Pause for audible gasp from those who know that I have been audibly virulent against cell phones.::

It is not the cellphones themselves that I hate. It is the behavior and social impact they have had on our society. Have you ever been in the middle of a conversation with someone face-to-face only to have it halted completely due to some obnoxious ringtone? The receiver drops the face-to-face conversation and leaves you alone for minutes on end. Have you ever seen someone swerving as though they were intoxicated behind the wheel whilst on their cellphone? I can’t tell you how many communications majors/minors think that talking/texting while behind the wheel does not impact driving ability. Have you ever watched someone carry out an entire argument via text messaging making the situation worse? The breadth of emotion and reaction really is less ambiguous by, you know, actually talking with the other person. Have you had a friend get thoroughly annoyed because you haven’t returned their call/txt within 5 minutes time? This was simple to dismiss in the analog telephone heyday with “I missed your call.” How many people flip open their phone the second they after a class/meeting/social event? They don’t watch where they are going. It is the behaviors that people exhibit that have made me resistant to cell phones. I hope if I exhibit these behaviors someone would slap me silly.

My iPhone should be here in a few days.

Fly Gratis

Kaela and I opted to be bumped from our 6:40 am flight out of Reagan Airport in Washington DC in exchange for free roundtrip tickets. So we’re sitting here for the next seven hours with time to kill and planning our next free trip. 

Ken Goes To Washington

I’ll be in our nation’s capital for the next few days courtesy Mr. Bush’s stimulus package.  A big thanks goes out to Allyson D. who offered two complimentary tickets on Midwest Airlines. Within the seven week range from booking to departure, the cost of gas has raised their value by a few hundred dollars each. It is also a grand time to lose my camera. Schöne Reise, Tchüß!