Macintosh Plus

The back of this old Mac says “Macintosh Plus 1Mb.” The system profiler shows that there are 4mb installed. It is still quite a capable machine despite not having a hard drive.

I am diligently searching for the education market version entitled the “Macintosh ED.”

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Macintosh SE/30

The most fragile of the toaster Macs in the Macintosh Preservation. The capacitors on the logic board of the Macintosh SE/30 need to be replaced. I would like to get it renovated. It is a powerhorse that outperforms the other toaster Macs.

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The Tablet

“Steve Jobs descended to the base of Mt. Yerba Buena and unveiled the tablet to the gathered unwashed masses…”

Drawn on a Newton MessagePad 2100 broadcasting the screen via NewtVNC.

Any similarity to biblical canon is purely coincidental.

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Titanium Powerbook G4

Originally a broken Powerbook G4 purchased from a Craigslist listing for $15. A $6 cable and a few hours of tenacity brought this titanium beauty back to life. I just can’t stand letting one of these beauties of industrial design be relegated to the trash heap.

I’m hoping that it finds a new home through eBay. My Macintosh collection focuses on computers with the retro rainbow-colored Apple logo.

The PowerPC is dead. Long live PowerPC.

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