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Mini WI MadFab Edition

Mini WI MadFab Edition

All throughout the month of June 2021 I will be distributing these Mini WI MadFab Edition to Little Free Libraries. Keep an eye on my instagram story and the r/madisonwi subreddit for more clues on how to get a hold of one.

Also, I have created a Mini WI Frequently Asked Questions document if you would like to more about this public art project.

Mini WI in Madison Magazine

Madison Magazine Hot List for May 2021

If you are finding your way here courtesy of the Madison Magazine Hot List for May 2021, hello!

Way back in the end of February or early March when they asked about the Mini WI project there were maybe 100 models that have been distributed. If I had to guestimate where we are now it is about 500 based on my materials consumption records.

How do I get a hold of one?

They must be found.

I try to leave a small handful whenever I am out and about. This means they mostly appear around the Capitol, State Street, the UW Madison campus, and other areas in the city. So take a closer look in those shrubs, flower beds, Little Free Libraries, nooks, and crannies. I sometimes leave clues on my Instagram story. I tend to surprise the r/madisonwi subreddit with unannounced clues too.

They are NOT FOR SALE or available on request.

Sorry, being responsible for other people’s consumption-based happiness sounds like a complete drain on the fun of this project. There may be opportunities in the future, but that is not something I am pursuing at this time.

Can I contribute to this project?

Yes! This all got started with a government stimulus! I will continue to create new Mini WI for as long as it is sustainable. I have received candy, parts, and thermoplastic from generous people.

Please know that contributing materials does not entitle you to a Mini WI. You have to find one just like everyone else. With that clearly stated please see this Amazon Wishlist for an up to date listing of what materials are needed.

What’s next for Mini WI?

I’ve got fabulous ideas in mind, but that’s already saying too much.

GameBoy Camera to EF Tamron 28-270 Lens

Inspired by Bastiaan Ekeler and 8bitMKE I have been working on adapting this EF mount on Thingiverse to a Tamron 28-270 lens that has been collecting dust on my shelf. The prototype isn’t quite done, but in a field test today it performed exquisitely.

As someone who still owns their original GameBoy Camera purchased for $7 in the 90’s, and still actively shoots with it, this opens up a whole new realm of creative possibilities. I will be posting things on my Instagram and Ken Fager Photography on Facebook.