Operation Übertaco is a Go

A letter from Philipps-Universitaet arrived a few days ago officially stating that I am now enrolled for the 2007 Sommersemester. From March until August this year I will be updating my site in the beautiful college city of Marburg. I was originally anticipating an April departure date. Prior to the semester beginning there will be a short language course teaching “survival” German. Thank you to all who guided me along the way.

The next two months are now filled with paperwork and preparation. I am also in dire need of someplace cheap to stay for the month of February in Oshkosh. Any help would be greatly appreciated as my contract to live in Stewart Hall will expire in January. On the bright side, however, I have been able to find plane fare to Frankfurt for only $270. This is much cheaper than the wallet scraping $1100 I had originally found.

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