Intellectual Word Play

“He had a stroke of genius.”


  1. Why do great and revolutionary ideas occur in strokes?
  2. Is it not potentially life threatening then, to be a genius?
  3. Would said stroke and its effects impair the genius’ capability to relate the idea to others?
  4. Is is possible to have a “gran mal seizure” of genius?
  5. Are the maladies that follow such monumental moments of genius limited to the brain? e.g. A heart attack of clarity. An infarction of prodigy. Renal failure of brilliance. Diabetes of erudition.
  6. Would I have to then alert my insurance company of my intelligence quotient, thereby making it more difficult to obtain adequate heath insurance coverage?
  7. (Darwin Warning: Christians jump ahead to question 9.) Is it possible that nature has a built in Darwinian mechanism to severely limit the reproductive capabilities of geniuses by striking them with such maladies?
  8. If yes to question 7.: Does the function of such maladies serve a purpose, that being mantaining the intellectual hegemony of the species?
  9. (This question is for the bible thumpers who dispute Darwin out of hand.) Why does God love to smite the smarties?


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