Abandoned Along H41

Proof that God has a sense of humor exists. In the Creation Story of Genesis we find that the Almighty separated light from dark, the water from the land, and populated it with flora and fauna. To rule over all His creation the Almighty creates man. Despite the illustrious position, man is ill-qualified to dominate the forces of Nature. He is powerless to prevent the sun from rising, the oceans reclaiming land, or predators preying on the weak. This is the first joke God played.

Abandoned But Not Forgotten

About five miles north of Kaukauna, Wisconsin there is an abandoned lot along Highway 41. The solitary structure has vehicles parked in its driveway, which led me to believe that despite its decrepit state was occupied. Upon closer inspection I was delighted to discover that it was only a squatter’s domain. The lot was also surrounded by a communal dump. With no rhyme or reason cars, busses, trailers, and other large refuse littered the landscape. The beauty in decay is not difficult to find or appreciate. Despite man’s machination Nature continues to eat away at steel and rob well-engineered structures of their integrity. There-in lies God’s great joke. Slowly and surely the eternal forces of creation continue despite mankind’s oversight. I have posted just over 100 photos of the property in an album on Flickr.

That was deep.

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  1. I stopped to shoot some photos from the road of the same house and property today. It has almost been 7 years since you were there. the whole property has grown over. The cars have faded in color, rusted out almost completely and the house from the outside and the zoom i can see no windows, doors, and graffiti inside in hallways. trucks and the wagon are covered by tall weeds. the blue wagon is now white. I would be interested in knowing the history of the house or who owns it. It gives a very eerie vibe. Same feeling you get when watching a horror film in the dark when you are 10. The raw shots i captured of the house, the 4×4 with a hole smashed through the windshield, and the decaying property and abandoned vehicles that you can barely make out should look incredible in b/w contrast.

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