I saw X-Men : The Last Stand on opening day, but have been pokey with my response. It is by no means an intellectual movie. It does however capture the spirit of the comic books in that it is mostly unadultured action, has compelling plot twists, and so-bad-they’re-good one liners. If you examine the themes of the story (i.e. Magneto’s utilization of NSDAP rhetoric, Xavier’s ethical dilemma when creating the Pheonix, Beast’s insistance of using diplomacy to stand against will of the President, et al) you will appreciate the character’s interactions even more. It pays to pay attention in school. This movie brought me back to a childlike Saturday morning cartoon state as I caught myself almost yelling at the screen.

If for some reason you did not stay past the credit roll. You missed out on a little tidbit that will sweeten the movie just a little. If you have already seen the movie and don’t feel like shelling out $8 again, just follow this link.

Just for fun, if you remember the early 90’s Fox X-Men cartoon, here is the intro.


  1. I, too, felt that X-men 3 really needed to be lots of all-out mutant fighting. If they had stopped to wax intellectual about stuff I would have been pissed off at them. I like the new website layout, by the way. Nice clean lines and purdy graphics.

  2. fuck, ken. I take back my previous comment. You see the splash graphic at the top? In the upper left and right corners the picture is not beveled like the background box is. Rounded corners for the win, please. Sloppy.

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