A Time to Celebrate

Yesterday I asked my “better nine-tenths” if she would marry me.

Kaela said yes.

Now is a time to celebrate. The woman I love is going to marry me. I could not be any happier. This means that she will be promoted from girlfriend to fiance.

This also means I have a girfriend position available. Please submit your resume and interviews will commence shortly. (For legal reasons I must disclose that Kaela will be screening all applicants. I doubt she will find a qualified candidate.)

Congratulations and/or objections may be left by clicking on the “comments” link. Yay!


  1. Figured I’d drop by your site and site and see what’s up (been nothing but tacos the last few times I checked…you still need help), then this slaps me in the face. HOLY (redacted by editor), you’re getting married!!!


    The rest of the equation is as follows: House => Dog +/- Cat => Baby (“=>,” means, “then.” Pay attention in geometry). Enjoy…

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