A Time to Celebrate

Yesterday I asked my “better nine-tenths” if she would marry me.

Kaela said yes.

Now is a time to celebrate. The woman I love is going to marry me. I could not be any happier. This means that she will be promoted from girlfriend to fiance.

This also means I have a girfriend position available. Please submit your resume and interviews will commence shortly. (For legal reasons I must disclose that Kaela will be screening all applicants. I doubt she will find a qualified candidate.)

Congratulations and/or objections may be left by clicking on the “comments” link. Yay!

2 thoughts on “A Time to Celebrate

  1. Figured I’d drop by your site and site and see what’s up (been nothing but tacos the last few times I checked…you still need help), then this slaps me in the face. HOLY (redacted by editor), you’re getting married!!!


    The rest of the equation is as follows: House => Dog +/- Cat => Baby (“=>,” means, “then.” Pay attention in geometry). Enjoy…

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