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Wedl’s hamburger stand has been an instution in Jefferson, WI for over 90 years. A local shared the colorful history of this 10-by-10 foot stand. It has operated under different owners and names, but the signature burger has remained constant. An 80% beef / 20% pork fat mix cooked on the original cast-iron grill topped with fried onions tantalizes the taste buds. The aroma floats down the street and attracts passersby.

Here’s an interesting bit of history about the stand. It was at one point completely demolished by an innattentive driver. The city did not grant permits to rebuild the stand. Locals threw such a fit that the city had to cave in. The stand was then built on the original foundation and includes the original grill.

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  1. by inattentive driver, you of course mean drunk. i sure wish i could have a wedl burger right now. that is the one thing i miss about my dear old home-town.

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