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American Urbex

Solvay Coke & Gas

Over the past few years I have developed a fascination with photographing abandoned buildings. I have also had a strong desire to unravel the secrets pasts of these locations and have been successful to varying degrees.

I met with my professor Dr. Zarinnia at Culver’s one day for lunch a few weeks ago to discuss what I could do for my LibMedia Virtual Libraries final project. We spoke for an hour and a half about a wide variety of topics; our family backgrounds, travels abroad, personal interests, technology, and politics. Over the course of our conversation my fascination with photographing decay became apparent. I explained how my it all began and has progressed to something beyond just documentation. I want to talk to people, get their stories, collect factual information and connect the past with the present. The big question she posed to me was “How do you go about doing that?”

The project I came up with is American Urbex. It is a blog that chronicles my photography, mashes it up with geolocation maps, and includes access to resources that I use to research locations. It is by no means an extensive catalogue and there is much work to do. I plan on adding to it whenever the urge arises. At best it is a proof of concept, but one that I can certainly build upon.

So please check out American Urbex and bookmark it. Good things are on the horizon.