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QuickTake 150: iPhone 4

I took my vintage 1995 Apple Quicktake 150 digital camera with me to go pick up my iPhone 4. I was told that photography was not allowed in the store. After being told so, I shut the flash off and pretended it was a spy camera. A few of the employees were impressed by my flagrant geekery.

…oh and the iPhone 4 isn’t too bad either.

Apple Quicktake 150 Image

I stopped by the surplus office at UW-Whitewater to see what gear they had for sale. I spotted an Apple Quicktake 150 digital camera in the trash dumpster and a Quicktake 100 on one of the shelves. They were sold to me for a nominal price. Both cameras still work and the Quicktake 150 was completely filled with 30 photos.

The photos were timestamped for 1999-2000. I am interested in locating these individuals. If you have any information about them please let me know.