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Legitimizing Religion


I now understand why people seek religion. Having grown up with Jesus’ love in my heart, mind, toes, appendix, and other miscellaneous body parts I have never been without the comfort. But be the person Christian, Jew, Islamic, Hindu, or Other there is solace to be found. It would only take the divine power of an almighty deity to spare an individual from a screening of Bratz – The Movie. Pray my children… pray.

Gott schafft uns. Wer macht Christ?

If you believe in some form of Christianity you believe that God formed all that is in six days and rested on the seventh. These exploits are well documented in the beginning of His perennial best-seller The Old Testament. The sequel, The New Testament, chronicles the day-to-day excursions of His son Jesus Christ. The popularity of the New Testament is huge among Christian fans, but not so much among God’s own chosen people, the Jews. Despite the disparity in sales figures God continues to lead on the New York Times Bestseller List.

In many ways Jesus followed in the footsteps of his father. He walked around and did way neato things for people who would come to see him. The Romans cut short his 33 year tour here on Earth, playing to record capacity crowds, but his legacy lived on. His band mates continued to cover his material well after his death with varying degrees of success at various venues. Jesus did amazing things during his time here on Earth, but one particular aspect is not fully fleshed out in great detail in The New Testament. The New Testament mentions that Jesus was a carpenter. We can assume, therefore, that Jesus had a creative side and a knack for creating useful household items such as tables, chairs, and other furnishings. Jesus’ heavenly Father was an interior decorator and the young entrepreneur tried his hand at the craft on his own.


Located just off Königsplatz (King’s Place) in Kassel, Germany, is this small and unassuming interior decoration business. The logo states “Wir schaffen Wohn(t)räume.” Without the “t” this means “We create living spaces.” With the “t” included it translates to “We create living (dream) rooms.” Very clever wordplay on Jesus part. He also gets points for incorporating the plural pronoun as part of the catch-phrase incorporating the triune nature of His deity.

Note: The business was not open because it was the Sabbath.