Monthly Archives: June 2006

Network Neutrality and You

Let’s pretend that you pay for internet service just to view this website. Yes, I’m that interesting. You check up on my site daily, so much so that your internet provider (AT&T, Comcast, AOL Time Warner, et al) notice. So they call me up and say, “Hey Ken of We connect a lot of people to your free website. How about you pay us money. If you don’t we’ll slow your site down so that it takes a long time to load or we may even just block it. We’ll also charge your visitors more for their internet just for the privilege of seeing your content.” Large ISPs and Telcos are lobbying Congress to make this sort of extortion legal. It is happening to personal blogs, major businesses such as Google, small businesses too, and even political movement websites. STOP THEM.

Please take the time to call, email, anything to prevent a serious violation of our most valuable freedom, the Freedom of Speech. Information should remain free. It only takes two minutes of your time. There has been a huge grass roots movement behind this legislation. Please inform yourself by visiting one of the following sites. on Network Neutrality, Rocketboom on Network Neutrality,, and even the C.E.O of Google asks for your help.

I called Senator Feingold (D-WI) and Senator Herb Kohl (D-WI) with the help of? Even if you do not know what to say, they have a short script to help. Every bit helps.

That Backfired

Today as I was headed back to my place to grab lunch when a man walking in front of me turned around to talk to me. He explained that he needed signatures to run for political office and that it would only take a few minutes of my time. I responded, “Bitte Entschuldigung. Ich kann Sie nicht verstehen. Ich spreche keine Englisch.” (Sorry, I don’t understand you. I can’t speak English.) To my suprise he responded “Sie kann Deutsch?” (You can speak German?) He tried to ascertain where I came from and I told him I couldn’t vote and had to go. He then told me I spoke terrible German and uttered some other epithet. I wonder if he does that to all the prospective voters? Too bad I never grabbed his name.

Die anlagenexterne Festplatte ist kaputt!

My 120gb Firewire HD is giving me the clicks of death. I have been salvaging pirated movies years of work by burning to a pile of DVD-Rs. It has been frustrating since the drive likes to crap out and take Finder down with it. Western Digital has never failed me before, but now I’ll never buy from them again. Replacement external Dual Option Firewire/USB II Metal Gear Box II: $30. Seagate 250gb HD: $80.

Valleyschwag Issue #2!

I received a little burlap sack in the mail last Friday, but did not have time to open it due to my move out of Taylor Hall. Well, first off, what the hell is Valleyschwag? Valleyschwag is a monthly care-package-esque type of subscription service. For $15/month they will send you a burlap sack filled with goodies related to the interwebernet. Not everybody gets the same stuff, which adds to the suspense once received. Subscribers are even encouraged to post what they got on flickr. The first issue had 60 subscribers and the second 1500, with me signing up 5 minutes after reading about it. They are growing quick.

As soon as I opened my burlap sack Goatse (SFW link) stickers fell out. I am keeping this subscription forever. I was lucky enough to receive two t-shirts, one RubyRed Labs and one Gr?pthink, instead of the typical one. I also got some pins, some EFF stickers, a temporary tattoo, and a Songbird sticker. I can’t wait for the next issue. Keep it coming RubyRed Labs!