Monthly Archives: July 2009

The Application Process

Finding a job has been a slow monotonous grind. As my serious job prospects continue to dwindle I have resorted to patent absurdity in hopes that it garners results. The following is an actual response to an application question.

If there were absolutely no restrictions placed upon you, what would you want to do in life?

If there were no restrictions placed on me I would be the owner of a successful unicorn megafarm called Fager-Einhorn GmbH in Germany. The tears of my unicorns would be used to cure Type-1 Diabetes, but not Type-2 because that would be just silly. The milk from the mare unicorns would be used to cure cancer and AIDS. Of course as the owner I would make these cures available for free and win the Nobel Peace Prize every year. I would also wear a sombrero to celebrate my native Wisconsin heritage.