Apple Discs

Software restore discs from the bygone G4 PowerPC Macintosh era. This software was for iBooks, iMacs, and Power Macintosh units. I was tasked with liquidating these discs. It is something I will regret to my very end of days.

Now that the entire Apple product line is Intel-based, PowerPC support has been summarily dropped from OS X. The PowerPC is dead. Long live PowerPC.

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Specimen 3698

Testing the Flickr “Post to Blog” feature with some customization. Anyone know how to assign categories in Flickr without having to edit them manually in WordPress after publishing?

Nevermind Specimen 3698, he really likes attention. Photo taken at the National Museum of Health and Medicine at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington DC.

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The Day Kennedy Was Shot

Taken today in an abandoned house in Koshkonong, Wisconsin.
A generation before I was born America survived a national tragedy. President Kennedy was killed by an American, one of our own, trained by the very government he later sought to throw into chaos. A single date, November 22, 1963, shattered the American Dream. Civil unrest, chaos, and war with no meaning followed.
My generation has not learned history’s lesson. CIA trained Osama bin Laden remains uncaptured for his 9/11 crimes. We are still mired in not one, but two wars with uncertain futures that have sent our country into a downward spiral. One of those wars was prefaced entirely on a series of compounding lies. Comedian George Carlin once said that you would have to be asleep to believe in the American Dream. The tragedy is that he was probably right.

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Wisconsin Urbex

I produced a short documentary on Urban Exploration in Wisconsin for my LIBMEDIA 638: Teaching & Learning via Video & Across Distances grad course. There was something about this project that I really latched onto. The resources that went into producing this video far exceeded the requirements, but I am very satisfied with the results. Please enjoy my Wisconsin Urbex short documentary.

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