Rotenburg an der Fulda

A little over a month ago, when I first arrived in Marburg, I was handed a sheet during the orientation session for the university. I was completely exhausted from three days of exploring Frankfurt on foot, the early train ride, and the extended wait to retrieve my luggage because the organizers forgot to drive me to where I needed to go. I was handed a sheet that was for an upcoming excursion that included food and an overnight stay in a hostel for the paltry sum of 25 Euro. Being highly suggestible at that particular moment, I signed up and handed over the money with little critical thinking. The day had been full of shelling out Euros, so really, is 25 Euro more really going to break the camel’s back?

I have been stressed out this upcoming week because classes start tomorrow morning. Rather than spend time preparing mentally for this endeavor I had to venture out on this weekend trip to Rotenburg an der Fulda. My summation for the entire excursion is less than stellar.

We basically spent 1-1/2 hours driving to a hostel with a park located behind it on Saturday. The businesses in the area were all closed, minus the requisite gas and grocery. Because we arrived in the afternoon we had to cut our exploration off short, while the organizers made us play games or act out skits. There was the mandatory drinking, dancing, card playing and chicanery. Sunday consisted of a short break followed by a guided tour. I am using the terminology “guided tour” both liberally and graciously, because we merely walked in a circle seeing buildings that we had already seen the day before. All the quaint little shops were, once again, not open for business. Rotenburg is a beautiful spot on the map of the Bundesrepublik, but I never want to return to it.

The only matter of note is the history of Rotenburg. Convicted cannibal Armin Miewes committed his crime of passion here. I suggest you give the Wikipedia entry a gander as it is quite an intriguing yarn.

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