Dreamcast Lives

By far the most powerful underrated videogame console I ever purchased was the Dreamcast. I bought mine the very first day it was available, 9/9/99, and it blew the N64 and PlayStation out of the water in terms of raw power. Unfortunately, Sega’s fortunes headed south two years after launch and the strength of the system began to wane. I packed it up in 2003 and let it sit in my closet.

…but it continues to live. I have officially wasted 25 blank CD-Rs trying to burn Dreamcast homebrew ISOs with my Mac. It took 3 days of manually learning UNIX to realize that I was working with an outdated binary that wouldn’t burn what I needed. But I got it to work. My Dreamcast is now a Homebrew powerhouse. Atari, NES, SNES, Genesis, and more now live on in one little white box. Perhaps I’ll post a guide for other Mac users who find the information on the DC homebrew scene lackluster. Thank you Sega for not cracking down on homebrew. I wish I could say the same for my Sony PSP. I don’t see myself picking up that thing for a long time… or even after I stuff it in the closet.