I shall call him, Mini WI.

A few weeks ago I got 600 schmeckles from Uncle Sam for living in a country woefully incapable of dealing with threats to its citizens’ well-being. So I decided to invest in a Monoprice Voxel and crash course my way through Blender.

What resulted is a rudimentary model of the Wisconsin State Capitol Building. Initially called the WisCapMini, the early prototypes feature slightly different designs as I have iterated. If you are holding on to a translucent red or white one without some dome and column features, or a couple with incomplete helvetica “g” lettering underneath consider yourself lucky. Full refunds in the amount of $0.00 will be issued if you are unhappy with them.

But due to a clever pun on reddit, I have decided to rename the project to Mini WI.

They are neither for sale, nor available upon request. I have begun to distribute them around the greater Madison area. So keep an eye out on the square, hiding in corners here and there.

Edit: Wee WI was considered but ultimately rejected due to the hyper-charged gender identity political environment we insufferable snowflake liberals have created for ourselves.

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